Looking Back, Looking Forward

By - Jen
December 29, 2023 11:54 PM

Happy New Year, Fabulous!

Well, here we all are; do you look both backward and forward as the New Year approaches? I do.

New Year deja vu

The end of the year brings nostalgia, eh? I recall a sunny summer day in 2011. I was selecting another too-big-for-me pair of new eyeglasses, that would hassle me for the year ahead. I realized then that my eyewear frustrations could deliver relief, and even joy, to others. Whoop!

Tough task, or was it?

For years my face’s quirky dimensions made me difficult to fit. To further complicate my eyewear whims, I insisted on wearing frames of clever design, that matched my quirky spirit. But meeting these requirements eluded me; I felt like a freak. I couldn’t get a puzzle solved that I knew a little empathy for clients and pickiness of product could certainly settle.

A fitting founding

I discovered folks with funny faces (petite, extra large, uniquely configured) can look and feel fabulous in their specs. And that many, many others I hadn’t yet met would benefit from a new, focused offering too. As I am unique, so are you, and so is everyone else. Thankfully. As I need to wear glasses that fit me and express who I am, so do many others. And as I transform from an old to a new version of me, so do they (or so would they someday). All of us glasses-wearers need specs that work in all the ways. Hence On Your Face Glasses sprung forth.

Your spirit, your message, your fit! Because you can.

The company is about your vision and your face, of course, coupled with what you need to shout, or whisper, or chuckle, or dance, or otherwise tell your people. In your perfect and unique way. With your joy and verve. Before you even open your mouth. (And after too.) Yes you can wear comfy eyewear that speaks your truth and lets you see clearly to pursue it.

Looking ahead

Thank you for guiding me into my 11th year framing lovable, gorgeous faces with clear vision and voice. Your support, your business, your collaboration and laughter lighten my way. Even if we didn't engage this year, or for a longer while. May 2024 bring more truth, joy, beauty, fun, peace, and freedom to you and yours, and to this precious world.

Oh do tell

What are you busting to scream or whisper or say your way, in the next year? How might I help you (glasses- or otherwise)? I’d love to hear from you!