Client Depicts Purpose - On Her Face

By - Jen
April 02, 2024 09:52 PM

Frequently, clients come to me because they got a new pair of eyeglasses and soon realized they don’t like them. The frame doesn’t particularly flatter their face. Or it doesn’t uniquely represent or refer to anything special about them. Or they notice no one compliments them on their specs. Why is glasses shopping such a universal challenge?

If it’s important, it needs your focused attention

People don’t always realize that finding that beloved frame requires significant, caring attention. But think about it: you’re going to wear that pair for a while, at least a year, yes? How many total hours, do you think? And if you have any online life, it’s about the only choice you can make that shows folks who you are. Showing, rather than telling, gets the message across instantly, whether on screen or in person.

Frames need to fit in several, equally vital dimensions

So, you want to apply some careful thought. An expert eyewear stylist can help guide your process. Because you want to choose frames that complement your bone structure, your coloring, your unique facial composition. And you want those frames to feel physically comfortable sitting on your head. No hot spots. No digging. No annoying slippage.

Choose frames that celebrate your unique fabulousness

And you want your specs to communicate your values, your spirit, your je ne sais quoi. An image that celebrates the real you. That says you’re passionate and serious about your particular profession. Or that you’re down for a funky, entertaining outing. Or that you can be trusted with confidential information. Or …. There are more purposes your frame can fulfill than there are people who wear glasses. Choosing without earnest intention leaves you vulnerable to misinterpretation, before you even open your mouth. Better to deliberately direct the message you’ll deliver, and make your glasses work for you.

I love helping the intentional dreamers, creators, and self-loving misfits of this world to discover their distinctive messages, and then to put them on their faces. These folks thrive on finding justice, dignity, good health, and peace for folks. They craft solutions to the struggles of single individuals and of entire peoples. To succeed, these change-makers need to influence other leaders, authorities, and institutions. They know that in collaboration, they can bring the change the world so needs, now and for those who’ll come after.

Helping client Jamie Sarche communicate life’s work—from sensitive to fierce 

In some cases, that change links life and death. For us humans and for our environment. For example, my client, Jamie Sarche, eases the tough inevitability of death, by educating about ways to relieve loved ones of some avoidable grief. Jamie helps clients complete their burial plans long before they die. She presents of a range of options, including modern ones designed to help save the planet. (Water cremation, anyone?) She helps clients think through the best fit for them and their families. All to prevent the tedium of such decisions just when survivors are in no condition to make them. So that instead, they can do what they must in that raw aftermath—grieve, remember, and connect with those who will best support them.

And that’s just Jamie’s professional life. In her spare time, she champions social justice causes with the ferocity of a thousand lions. She’s registered thousands (of people) to vote. She’s helped lead organizations that fight for civil rights and that feed, house, and otherwise support our community’s least privileged. She’s focused, fierce, and compassionate.

Solution: depict your character, in comfort

So, when considering her specs, Jamie and I pondered her need to approach her clients and public with appropriate sensitivity. She also wanted to demonstrate that she values the joy and richness that life gives, while it lasts. How? She chose two pairs of glasses (everyone needs a backup pair).

The first presents a subdued, unassuming image—it’s tortoise, with a pretty, soft green, lacy patterned accent. The color combo plays well with her dark brown hair and plays up her pretty green eyes. And the rounded shape welcomes with an easy accessibility. The frame gives Jamie just the delicate connection she wants to convey.

Her second pair connects superbly as well, but in a different way. Jamie chose an equally flattering style and color scheme, a wayfarer with turquoise temples and stripes on a white background. This pair beams bold, bright, and breezy. And she reports that wearing them makes her feel happy. Which she’s discovered lightens the mood of a gathering, without compromising any appropriate solemnity. Because Jamie fully embodies the message this frame proclaims: to life!

What do you want to communicate?

With whom do you want to play and work? And how, what, and for whom do you want to create? Together we can get you expressing that intention on your face, and seeing clearly to execute it.

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