By - Jen
October 04, 2023 07:46 PM

Well, folks, here it is! After six years of trial and error and tons of, let’s call it research, along the way, I’m proudly debuting the On Your Face Glasses website. Its purpose: to bring you beautiful frames and clear, accurate lenses that fit not just your face, but your whole unique you-ness. I’ve combined the elements I’ve discovered my friends, their friends and theirs, and my local Denver clients, desire in an eyeglasses shopping experience: connection (yes, electronically), convenience, FUN. An honest exchange resulting in your best look and most authentic experience of you.

I know, if I’m selling, how can I be honest? (Like the old lawyer joke: How do you know when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving, ha ha.) Well, how can I not be honest, if I want you to recommend the site to your trusting loved ones and return for your own next pair? Give the site a try, and please let me know how you like it.

A new birthday

Yep, six years ago, I left my high-tech corporate career; September 23 is my new birthday. That time has passed in dog years – it’s been a happy, energetic renewal. It’s been fraught with distractions (“Squirrel!”) as my fears and insecurities chased easier opportunities. ‘Cause really, can I create my own business that grows quickly enough to keep my family’s roof over our heads and shoes on our feet? Time compresses when the funding is finite. And anyway, how long should it take to build a website that looks inviting and works well?

We have the technology, right? Well, we do now! But the jalopy has sputtered along, calling on experts who could, then couldn’t design and build the store. Then visiting with others who could, then couldn’t. Then more of that nonsense.

A little of what I’ve learned

A six-year ramp-up has delivered a boatload of lessons about me. A tiny sampling: I’m too patient for my own good. And impatient. Perfectionist (that one wasn’t a surprise). So naturally, the results have spurred adjustments along the way. I’ve learned to balance more bossy with wholly respectful, when I’ve needed to move a project ALONG ALREADY. And I’ve become way pickier about with whom I associate.

Quality associations

You can tell how picky by the looks and feels of this website. Lacey Ankenman of Lacey Ankenman Design brings can-do to the delicate balance between perky and professional, using color and typeface combos, and a cohesive style that arranges visual elements in relation to one another in magical not-patterns. Into that mix, she infuses straight-ahead, this-then-that-then-these-then-those flow, to produce a design that guides you the customer enjoyably through the process of finding your best specs.

Raemi Vermiglio of Raemirue Photography is fine testament that you can hire a superb contractor – who becomes your sweet, smart, highly skilled friend, of all things – on! Who knew? Raemi staged a two-part shoot, invited sparkling models to join our outdoor photography party, and also partnered with me in her studio to capture crisp, true images of the frames I hope you’ll love.

… an eyeglasses shopping experience that combines connection (yes, electronically), convenience, FUN. An honest exchange resulting in your best look and most authentic experience of you.”

Erin Bosik of Erin Beth Bosik Copywriting, LLC listened to my story and vision and convinced me she had my back. Then she got to work representing that vision, on the nose, so you see what I see.

Erin and Lacey collaborated to conceive the detailed design and copy you see here. What a thrill to see the elements weave into a layered, textured craft. The result looks effortless; but detail for detail, I assure you it so was not.

Fine attracts fine

In my experience, fine people attract fine people. Fine people like you, dear curious customer, who steadfastly pursue your most honest and valuable contributions to our world. But who don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t throw a lowly pun and have some fun along the way.

We share values. Like respecting all humans so we all can live our wildest dreams. And so, collectively, we can use the energy, excitement and experience of those lived dreams to build a world where others can live theirs too. Because none of us can do it alone. Together, we can do so much, and share so much hilarity along the way.

Questions for you

What are your wildest dreams? I want to know!

And a friendly reminder: please, tell me about your experience of this site. We developed it with you in mind, but now that you get to use it, we want your honest comments about what works for you, and what doesn’t. Because this is just the beginning.

Whaddaya think?